How to Add a Reporting Owner to Entity Management and a Relationship in Entity Management

Reporting owners are insiders or individuals filing Section 16 Forms 3, 4, and 5. In this video, we will teach you how to add a reporting owner to the Entity Management Library and add a relationship that can be saved and used for future filings.  

To add a reporting owner click on the “Entity Management” tab, then click “Add Entity”, then add the insider and go to “Entity Type” and check “Reporting Owner” and the “Reporting Owner Type”. In this case, we will check “Individual” since it is a person.  Now, enter the CIK and CCC codes to ensure your filing is submitted under the correct SEC account. After that, go back to “Entity Management” to see if it was successful. 

You’ll see that the “Relationship” says “No” so in order to change it, click on the name. After you do that, go to “Associate Subject Company” and click on your company. Then in “Relationship”, click on the appropriate title (or titles), fill in the officer title, if necessary.  Add the address and then click “Add Relationship”, and you are done!

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