Why does the SEC Form 5 filing need to be filed?

It is important for companies to make sure they comply with all rules and regulations issued by the SEC, and one of the most important forms that must be filed is the Section 16 Form 5. This is a form that releases the Annual Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership of Securities, and the form has to be filed by company insiders with the SEC.

If executives, directors, or officers have executed transactions involving the company’s securities during the year, then SEC Form 5 needs to be filed. For example, if a company officer buys or sells shares of the company’s securities, they need to file Form 5, in addition to a variety of other forms. The goal of this form is to provide disclosure of company activity and to prevent any illegal transactions on the part of executives or officers. 

Who Has To File SEC Form 5?

The Securities and Exchange Commission requires directors, officers, and company insiders to file a statement of ownership related to company securities that they own. Company directors, senior officers, and anyone who owns more than 10 percent of company voting shares are required to file this form. SEC Form 5 must be filed within 45 days of the close of the company’s fiscal year. Of note, individuals and insiders might not have to file SEC Form 5 if they reported the transactions on SEC Form 4, but it is important to reach out to a professional for clarification.

Why Is SEC Form 5 So Important?

The entire purpose of SEC Form 5 is that it should prevent insider trading by disclosing all actions taken by company executives and officers. Someone is guilty of insider trading if they buy or sell securities using information that is not available to the public. If someone executes the trade before that information has been released to the public, the trade is illegal.

Even though this form itself cannot fully stop insider trading, it does make organizations and executives more accountable. 

What Is Included in the Form 5?

There are several important pieces of information that are included in this form. They include:

  • The name and address of the person filing the form.
  • The stock ticker symbol and the name of the company.
  • The relationship of that individual with the company.
  • Whether the form is for a group or an individual.
  • A list of all securities, transaction dates, and the amounts of securities owned on certain dates. 

If you would like to learn more about SEC Form 5

It is important for insiders to stay in compliance with all SEC rules and regulations. This could include filing SEC Form 5.

To file this form or other Section 16 forms, sign up for a free account today.

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